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  Business Phone Systems

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A flexible, feature packed and easy to use phone system that can be used from anywhere with an internet connection.

Head Office, Branch Offices and home workers can all share the same system at no extra cost.

There are no on-site hardware or installation costs. The pre-configured phones that we will send to you will plug into your existing network cabling and automatically connect to your cloud VoIP phone system.

All the configuration and any changes are handled by our dedicated support team avaliable 24 hours a day. We are sure you're already busy enough running your business, so we don't expect you to have to login to a portal to configure call routing, ring groups, IVR's voicemail etc - we take all the hastle away by doing it for you however and whenever.

Routine maintenance and upgrades are all done automatically free of charge. With cloud based VoIP there is no need for costly and disruptive on-site engineer visits.

For More Information Call Us On: 01746-250010

  SIP Trunks & Calls

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If you operate your own VoIP PBX, whether it's on premises or in the cloud, you will need a way of connecting it to the outside world to make and receive calls.

A SIP trunk will connect you to the internet and the public telephone network, enabling you to call any number in the world

You can add any number of channels to your trunk, a channel will carry one phone call at a time. Add as many as you need to accomodate your business needs.

Channels are charged at £3.00 monthly.

Using our SIP trunks will also give you access to our fantastic rates.

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Calls To United Kindgom
UK Landline 0.015ppm
UK Mobile O2 0.08ppm
UK Mobile Hutchingson 3G 0.08ppm
UK Mobile Orange 0.08ppm
UK Mobile T-Mobile 0.08ppm
UK Mobile Vodafone 0.08ppm
Call Rates Popular International
France 0.015ppm
France Mobile 0.08ppm
Germany 0.015ppm
Germany Mobile 0.08ppm
India 0.03ppm
India Mobile 0.08ppm
Ireland 0.015ppm
Italy 0.015ppm
Italy Mobile 0.016ppm
Spain 0.03ppm
Spain Mobile 0.08ppm
USA 0.03ppm


We have a range of internet connectivity products to help you get your new phone system online with the best possible service and quality. If at the moment you are using basic ADSL Broadband, we would always recommend either an upgrade to fibre (FTTC) or a secondary ADSL circuit decicated to the phone system to enable you to have the best quality system you can.


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If you are an IT service business with an existing customer base, you may already have thought of adding VoIP to your portfolio of services.

By partnerting with The VoIP Centre you can offer top quality VoIP phone systems immediately.

Being a VoIP Centre partner gives you access to cloud PBX, SIP Trunks and call rates at wholesale prices.

This gives you the freedom to create your own deals with your customers.

We will provide all the back end services and support and provide an online portal to make it easy to bill your customers each month for their call charges.

If you are interested in building a residual income for your business from the VoIP boom call us now on 01746-250010 and ask to speak to Chris.

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